5 Reasons for 5 strings

I teach beginning orchestra with a 5 string violin

I am a cellist, but I teach beginning orchestra with a 5 string violin every day. I absolutely love having my instrument daily. Here are 5 reasons why.

  1. Modelling for your students. Kids need an example regularly.
  2. This instrument is mine. No students touch it, I don’t have to borrow a small kid’s instrument and contract their germs. That’s gross
  3. I can accompany my kids. Having an understanding of chords and how they work on an orchestral string instrument is an invaluable skill to have. You don’t always have time to use the method book CD. Accompany them yourself!
  4. We don’t wait in silence! We start our kids in 5th grade. They take the Jr. High bus in the morning, and we bus them from the Jr. High to the Intermediate school. Instead of just waiting for the bus, I always play tunes. Fiddle tunes, movie tunes, excerpts from the high school’s music… you name it!
  5. E A D G C: I have all 5 strings that my students have.

When I play violin, I play a Snow 5 string with a flower in the pegbox and a friendship bracelet around the scroll. I got it from Paige’s Music in Indianapolis (I’d recommend them in a heartbeat) The strings are a little close together and if I were to take private lessons, I would pursue a 4 string violin or viola, especially for shifting on the D, G, and C strings. Again, I am primarily a cellist unless I’m playing folk music, where I love playing cello AND fiddle.


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