Fiddle Camp!

In June, I spent 12 days in California. Part of that was simply exploring San Fransisco, but most of it was spent in a little slice of heaven called Sierra Fiddle Camp held on the grounds of Shady Creek Camp on the San Juan Ridge, outside of Nevada City, California. This year’s faculty was a fun filled group of traditional musicians from all over the place. Every day you wake up, have breakfast, and the rest of the day looks like this (for the most part…)

  • tunes class
  • 20 minute break
  • tunes class
  • elective class (CELLO CLASS!)
  • lunch
  • open forum (generally about the music from various artists’ cultures/area of study)
  • tunes class
  • break
  • elective class (CELLO CLASS again!!!)
  • student performances
  • dinner
  • evening event (jams, dances, pool parties…)
  • sleep

I learned so many tunes. So many tunes. More importantly, I worked on the things that make these tunes unique to their styles. Some people will call this ornaments, nuances, haggis, style, feel, groove, something else… It’s always a goal not to just play the notes of the tune, but to make it authentic to it’s place of origin while allowing you to play it in your own light. I probably will never say that I’ve mastered all of this, but I am starting to enjoy my own sound.

After camp (or any fiddle music thing), I feel like I’ve been bitten by this bug of really fun music to play. It invites you into a community that fosters traditions new and old. I want to keep learning so I can share more!

Check out Sierra Fiddle Camp at

I am also so appreciative of the post fiddle camp excursion that allowed us to extend our camp vibes and ease back into the “real world”. Some of us hung out around the area after camp, then a friend and I stayed with another family from camp as we explored San Fransisco for a couple of days. Our personal tour guides were al friends from camp, and spending time with them was so lovely.

(Photo Credits to Amy Luper)



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