I think I’ll Go to Boston!

School had been out for a week and a half, and nothing screams summer more than “getting out of Dodge” For around $200 I spent 5 nights in Boston. I took a tiny backpack and a purse and went on my way.

Southwest Airlines is pretty good about customer service. About a year ago, I took a flight somewhere and with delays connection issues, they asked if anyone was willing to give up their seat for a later flight. I had time so I gave up my seat. My 45 minute layover turned to a 4 hour layover and I had a voucher for $100 .

Saving #1: my flight cost me $30 round trip because of that voucher.

A wise friend told me that it is best to see the world through the eyes of locals. That way you really get to experience a place. Couch surf and you will always have a tour guide (or very good directions to local places of interest)

Saving #2: I stayed the first two nights with this wise friend, and the later three at the house of my guru and her partner. I am so thankful for these women and their hospitality, and I would host them at my house any time.

How many free things can you find to do in one place?

Saving #3: A lot, if you are willing to figure them out. Here’s a few things that I did.

My trip was a blast. I loved being in a city with solid public transportation. I enjoyed seeing places that I didn’t appreciate as well when I first went to Boston in Middle School. Lastly, I got to spend some time with people that I know from four or five very different moments in my life. It was cool to see these different worlds collide. Many of those worlds collided around a concert at Club Passim, which is a great concert venue for folk music. Funny thing…music pulled it all together!

This is what I packed (I’m just really proud of how little I took with me.)

  • My favorite purse that reminds me of Hermionie’s never ending bag from the last of the Harry Potter series because of it’s large capacity for _ _ _ _ and useful things.
    • wallet, reusable grocery bag, small tablet, phone, charging brick, earbuds, moleskine journal, pens (in a little plastic baggie so they don’t explode…)
  • Dora the Explorer Backpack-or small backpack from IKEA
    • medium packing cube: 3 dresses, 1 pair of leggings, and 2 shirts, very very thin raincoat
    • small packing cube: ample underwear and 2 bras, 1 pair of shorts
    • carnival cosmetic case (shout out to my cousins, creators of the Blush Label, for something I don’t travel anywhere without)
    • personal first aid kit (you never know what you’ll need and when!)
    • super comfy flats
    • tablet charger/phone charger went in the front pocket of the backpack
    • water bottle



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